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Inventory Management System

A cloud-based inventory management system to efficiently control stock, with real-time reports.

Inventory management system

An Intelligent, User-Friendly Inventory Management System

VersionX’s inventory management system is intelligent yet user-friendly. A cloud-based system, you can effortlessly track orders, order refills, transfer, and check past orders.

In VersionX inventory management solution, you can also easily view daily or monthly stock reports.

The stock management system by VersionX is used across industries such as retail, hospitality, hospitals, manufacturing, government organizations, and many more.

VersionX Inventory Management System – Top Features

Auto Track Stock

All inventory details can be auto tracked – current and reorder items, amount, vendors, and many more.

Multi-Branch & Location

Effortlessly track inventory items in all branches, locations, and departments from a centralized system.

Get Reorder Alerts

Receive automated alerts whenever stocks need to be refilled. Alerts can be pre-set as per requirements. Monitor stocks on the go.

Vendor Notification

Manage vendor details and reorder the necessary stock on the go.

Transfer Stock

Quickly transfer items from one location or department to another. Monitoring stock details/location makes this easy.

Custom Reports

VersionX inventory management system has built-in statistical tools to present indepth analysis and reports.

Why VersionX Inventory Management System?

Easy to Use

Our cloud-based inventory management system has advanced features yet super easy to use.


All our systems can be easily integrated. Avoid the hassles and challenges posed by standalone solutions.


Our inventory management system does not require any high maintenance hardware.