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Visitor Management System

EntryPoint Visitor Management System

A smart visitor management system for efficient and secure visitor operations. It’s a QR code and Facial recognition based touchless system to make your visitor lobby COVID safe and hygenic. A visitor self-service kiosk makes your reception operations hassle-free and independent.
EntryPoint visitor management system easily integrates with access control hardware and parking systems. You get real-time visitor reports and analytics. Manage multiple entry points & locations from a centralized dashboard. Highly customizable, our visitor software is used across corporate, factory, schools, residential apartments, hospitals, hotels, events, business, office, and many more businesses.

An Advanced Visitor Software

No OTP charges, 100% visitor authentication

QR-code-based epasses for touchless visitor operations

A face recognition based visitor management system

Custom visitor slips self-generated by the printer

Integrates with access control & parking management system

Smart Parking Management System

Pre-appointment epass for seamless entry of guests

No OTP charges Yet 100% visitor authentication

A unique offering!

Most visitor management and security systems require the use of OTP, involving SMS charges for visitor authentication.

EntryPoint visitor management system authenticates visitors and guests – with No OTP Charges.

A face recognition based visitor management system

Built for all types and sizes of businesses. 

Our facial recognition system based visitor app is suitable for small as well as large organizations.

The face recognition feature is inbuilt in our visitor management system and can be customised as per your need. It can even identify masks on a visitor. This helps enforce safety and hygiene regulations at your workplace.

Guests too can check-in in a safe and secure manner. Make your reception area COVID safe and offer your guests a warm welcome at the same time.

Integrates with access control & parking management system

A highly advanced system.

Our visitor management system is not a standalone software. It can be used in combination with all kinds of access control hardware.

EntryPoint Visitor Management System easily integrates with any kind of access control system such as elevators, doors, boom barriers, turnstiles, and so on.

Our visitor software can also solve all your parking management needs. It can not only authenticate and track visitors but also staff and vehicles.

QR-code-based epasses for touchless visitor operations

ePasses – the need of the hour!

Make your visitor processes contactless and your reception lobby pandemic-free.

With EntryPoint visitor management system, you can offer all visitors a contactless entry via epasses. All they need is a personal mobile phone.

QR code entries give visitors a secure, hassle-free experience, while keeping your reception area COVID safe.

Custom visitor slips self-generated by the printer

It’s completely contactless.

As we already mentioned!

Our visitor management system consists of a printer that self-generates the visitor slip – a paper slip that also detaches on its own. It’s up to you what you want the slip to print – say QR code, visitor photo and other details, or your company logo – the choice is yours.

You don’t have to worry about visitor badges and ID cards anymore.

Pre-appointment epass for seamless entry of guests

Make your guests happy.

Pre-appointment epasses provide your guests a seamless entry. It saves time and effort of both guests and the security / reception operators.

The host creates the visitor epasses for the guest on the EntryPoint visitor app. The guest just needs to show the pass at the entry. And the host gets notified on his/her phone!

Admins and designated authorities can create epasses for multiple guests at one go.

What’s Unique About Our Visitor Management System

  • It makes your visitor registration process entirely touchless.
  • Our visitor software authenticates visitors without OTP, captures photo & visitor details; quick check-in for repeat visitors
  • Passes are auto-generated – paper pass, e-pass, QR code-based, with pre-defined but custom validity
  • Our visitor management system is also a facial recognition system – that you can opt for
  • The visitor software integrates fully with access control system  that enhances manpower efficiency
  • Hosts can create pre-appointments for their guests and the admin can create epasses for multiple guests
  • You can efficiently segregate visitors into different categories like guests, staff, vendors, laborers, parents of students, etc.
  • Block unwanted visitors, raise alarms, verify anyone in the premises, issue emergency messages to everyone inside the premises
  • Offer selective access to sensitive/restricted areas/floors in the building or premises
  • Customize fields to capture data based on your process flows and get reports directly in your email on a periodic basis
  • The system works for single and multiple locations. In fact, larger the setup, easier it is for the management and security/admin team to centrally monitor all their locations.

A Variety Of Instant Visitor Gate Passes For Quick Visitor Service & Efficient Operation

EntryPoint Visitor Management System is an advanced software that works in a range of visitor scenarios. It generates instant and unique passes for different visitor purposes.

You can opt for paper passes, epasses, or both.

Here are a few types of passes for different needs:

One-Time Entry Visitor Passes
  • EntryPoint visitor management system offers complete authentication of one-time visitors within seconds.
  • Visitors are automatically authenticated and their details auto-captured in the VMS.
  • The visitor’s name, photo, and other details – that can be customized – are entered only for the first time. This step is not necessary when the visitor makes the next visits.
  • As soon as the data is saved, a unique visitor slip with a QR code is auto-generated.
A Visitor Pass With Fixed Validity 
  • This limited validity visitor pass is for guests, workers, or vendors who might visit or reside in your premises for a definite time period.
  • The validity period can be fixed by the admin and reflects on the pass.
  • These passes are generated only once and can be used by the person to make multiple entries and exits within the dates fixed in the visitor system.
Pre-Appointment ePasses
  • Every business or residential premises receive guests on a regular basis.
  • A pre-appointment epass provides the guests a seamless entry.
  • The host can easily create these visitor epasses on the EntryPoint VMS.
  • These visitor passes save time and effort of both the guest and the security / reception operators at the time of entry.
  • These epasses are absolutely essential to offer your guests a superb experience while ensuring foolproof premises security at the same time.

EntryPoint VMS – More Than Managing Entries!

VersionX’s EntryPoint visitor management system can do much more than visitor authentication and digital registration.

You can generate instant QR code-based gate passes, create appointments, manage attendance, and even integrate with access control systems and hardware like boom barriers, turnstiles, etc. You can view visitor data in a central dashboard anytime, anywhere.

Features of Our Visitor Management Solution

We have helped organisations in 1000+ locations across India eliminate visitor registers & digitize their operations.

Real-Time Alerts

All visitor operations in EntryPoint VMS takes place in real-time. Get notifications & alerts about visitor entry & exit, appointments, staff attendance, access to on-the-ground issues.

Instant Gate Passes

Opt for instant self-generating passes for different visitor scenarios. QR code based, paper visitor pass, ePass, or access card solutions. Custom validity for each type of pass can be pre-set in the visitor dashboard.

Works Offline

EntryPoint Visitor Management Software is cloud based. But it works even when the system is offline without hindering any visitor operation. All data automatically syncs on re-connection.

Emergency Notifications

Our visitor software offers high efficiency with maximum security. You can manage multiple gates and locations from a single system. Your admin or security team can broadcast emergency messages and alerts to all your employees or residents when needed.

Access Control Integration

EntryPoint VMS is an advanced visitor software that seamlessly integrates with any type of access control system and hardware such as boom barriers, turnstiles, flap gates, doors, and elevators. This positions us well to also manage your parking system.

Central Dashboard

The visitor dashboard is where the authorized admin takes most operations related actions. The brain of the system, it provides all visitor related data – reports & trends anytime, anywhere. Helps in quick and effective decision making.

Data Privacy

Our visitor software is foolproof. We take data privacy seriously and guarantee that all data is safe and secure with us.

Manage Multiple Locations

Manage multiple branches and locations from a central dashboard, with customizable dashboard for each branch.

Calendar Integration

Our visitor management system easily integrates with Google Calendar to help accomplish various tasks with ease & flexibility.

Attendance Manager

Our visitor management system records the time logs of all staff – permanent, temporary, or contractual – and also provides attendance reports.


A visitor self-kiosk helps visitors self check-in. This makes both visitors and reception independent and hassle free without compromising security.

Violation Monitoring & Alerts

Keep your premises secure by avoiding misuse of premises, overstay, & unwanted loitering.

Make Your Office COVID Ready

Temperature & Mask Scan

EntryPoint VMS can scan mask and temperature in visitors. Accordingly, it can restrict visitor entry and raise alarms in real-time.

Access Unlock Via Mobile

EntryPoint visitor management system seamlessly integrates with any type of access control system. Access such as lifts, doors, turnstiles can be unlocked with mobile.

Face Recognition

EntryPoint Visitor Management Software uses facial recognition technology. This makes it a touchless visitor management system.

QR Code Scan

Visitor entries in EntryPoint VMS can be enabled with QR code. Eliminate all manual or touch-based entries and registrations to make your reception pandemic free.

Automatic Hand Sanitizer

Automatic hand sanitizer makes EntryPoint VMS a COVID safe option. It is integrated with the VMS and access system. Makes all visitor entries hygienic and safe.

High Throughput

EntryPoint Visitor Management System enables social/physical distancing wherever needed with high throughput. Use it to monito and prevent overcrowding.

EntryPoint VMS – Hardware Integration

We manufacture our own access control hardware. Our visior software also easily integrates with any existing access system. This makes us uniquely placed to offer you whatever you need to secure your business premises and maximize operational efficiency.

Access Control System

EntryPoint visitor management system integrates with all types of access control system

RFID & QR Reader

RFID and QR code readers are useful integrations we do whenever required.

Thermal & CCTV Camera

Our visitor system integrates with thermal cameras & CCTV to scan visitor mask & temperature.

Parking Management System

EntryPoint visitor management system can integrate with smart parking systems.

Facial Recognition & Biometrics

We provide facial recognition & biometrics as part of EntryPoint visitor management software.

Access Control Hardware

Speed gates, turnstiles, boom barriers – our visitor software integrates with all access hardware.