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Guard Tour Patrol System

An easy, powerful, & feature-rich Guard Tour Patrol System to monitor guard patrol. Schedule & stay updated on guard duties in real-time.

VersionX Guard Tour System – A Sneak Peak

VersionX’s Guard Tour System is an effective way of scheduling & tracking guards’ activities.

The guard tour app helps admin or facility managers and security heads capture all information regarding the guard patrol duty such as the time logged in by the guards, incidents captured, guards’ location, and so on.

Get complete reports on a central dashboard using our security guard tracking software. You can access complete guard patrol details with time & dates including scanned & missed checkpoints in real-time.

Ensure that your security system becomes more accountable. The guard tour app completely eliminates the problem of guard proxy.

A Guard Monitoring System –
How It Works?

Guard Tour Patrol System - How it works


Guard scans the QR code at checkpoints on location


Audio clips, video, & pictures


Notify incidents & activities


Get real-time insights on guard patrol activities

Top Features of Our Guard Tour System

Monitor Duties

A simple and quick process of assigning duties to guards. Monitor guards’ duties in real-time.

Duty Scheduling

Create and assign individual schedules to each guard on a fixed time or hourly basis.

Specify Thresholds

You can assign a window period for “start and end” of duties to monitor punctuality and completion of duties within a specified time.

Record Voice Notes

Voice messages make incident reporting simple and quick. This is helpful for guards who are not well-versed with written text. Eliminates language barrier.

Pictures and Videos

Report and update incidents instantly through pictures and videos.

Geo-Location Tags

Locations are geotagged for automatic tracking of guards on duty.

GPS Tracking

Monitor guards across large areas, with live comments and updates.

Eliminate Guard Proxy

Pictures and biometric scans help eliminate proxies, misinformation, and errors.

Real Time Alerts & Notifications

Authorized personnel receive real-time alerts and notifications on guards’ duties and activities.

Instantly Resolve Incidents

Send alerts and notifications to the concerned person or team for quick resolutions.

Trends & Reports

Get access to all details related to guards and their duties in a usable format for further decision making.

Assign Valuable Assets Higher Priority

Ensure high-value assets get extra security by getting them monitored more frequently or reported through pictures.

Why VersionX Guard Tour Patrol System?

Simple & Easy to Use

VersionX security guard tracking software does not require any special training before use.

Be in Control

Get instant visibility to all key information for each checkpoint and location through our security guard patrol app.

No Training Needed

Spend less time training staff and more time reporting on patrols with our security guard patrol app.

A Foolproof Method

Our security guard monitoring system is based on cloud & mobile tracking technology.

Increases Accountability

Guards are made more accountable since the security guard app cannot be tampered with.

No Clunky Hardware

Just a handheld device and you’re set. VersionX security guard app to monitor guard patrol is extremely easy to use.